Julia Martelo


  • Julia Martelo Burgos, a Colombian artist, is an alumnus of the Institute of Fine Arts in Medellín, Colombia, where she completed her studies in 1983. She further honed her artistic skills under the tutelage of Spanish Art Master Domingo Perez 'Chomin'. Julia's artistic journey encompasses studies in ceramics with ceramist Angela Maria Restrepo and sculpture with Rodrigo Monsalve Isaza.

    In 2004, she enriched her knowledge by attending a seminar on Renaissance art at the University of Antioquia, led by Professor Alberto Gonzalez. This was followed by a certificate in cultural management in 2005. Julia's quest for artistic growth took her abroad, where she studied art restoration at ECORE in Barcelona, Spain in 2007 and participated in workshops at the New York Art School Salmagundi in the fall of 2010.

    Julia's art does not adhere to a single theme; she finds inspiration in the simplest of subjects, from a flower to a sunset, the ocean, or an old house. Her favorite tool for adding the final touches to her work is a knife, which she wields like a magic wand.

    Her philosophy is encapsulated in her motto: "Every day my thoughts fill with joy, with the conviction that I can do what I propose and what I want is to make it better, every day." This mindset has guided her through various collaborations with a wide range of clients, including local authorities, arts and cultural institutions, and non-profit organizations.

    Julia Martelo Burgos has earned considerable recognition for her outstanding work, receiving several nominations in art contests supported by the Medellín Municipality. Her work and achievements can be further explored through her website and social media platforms.

Featured Works by Julia Martelo