Laura Morales


  • Laura Morales, born in 1967 in Mexico City, is an esteemed Mexican artist renowned for her aesthetic prowess and mastery in the realm of visual arts. Her thematic journey has led her to excel in both figurative and abstract art, producing a body of work that vividly expresses her artistic vision.

    Educated in graphic communication design at the Autonomous Metropolitan University, Azcapotzalco, Morales further honed her skills in plastic arts at the Woodruff Arts Center in Atlanta, Georgia. She has a rich experience of over 25 years in painting, engraving, and sculpture, studying under prestigious mentors in Mexico City and Monterrey.

    Morales' work has been showcased in over 23 individual exhibitions across Mexico, the United States, and Europe, and she has participated in more than 320 group exhibitions globally, confirming her creativity and technical mastery. Her artworks are featured in prominent collections, including the National Institute of Fine Arts, the National Palace of Mining, and the Pinacoteca de Nuevo León.

    Morales has been a distinguished participant in international art scenes, exhibiting in New York, Florence, Paris, Buenos Aires, Prague, Vienna, Frankfurt, the United Kingdom, Poland, Belgium, and Brussels. Notably, her work was part of the "Mexican School and Mexican Contemporary Art" exhibition at the Kronberg Museum in Frankfurt, alongside masterpieces by renowned Mexican artists.

    Her accolades include first place in various international contests, and she has been a key contributor to the "Al Encuentro de lo Sensible" exhibition at MARCO for 13 years. Morales has also represented Mexico in significant international exhibitions, including the “Latin American Contemporary Painting Exhibition” at the Nostitz Palace, Prague.

    In her art, Morales consistently demonstrates an innovative spirit, characterized by symbolic strength and a rich inner world. Her evolving and relevant artwork highlights her command over various artistic techniques.

Featured Works by Laura Morales