Andrea Nossa


Works by Andrea Nossa

  • Andrea Nossa is an industrial designer with a fervent passion for human figure drawing. Her work uniquely merges abstract representation through line work with the complexity of human form, volume, and proportion. This distinctive approach forms the basis of her technical development in art.

    Nossa's creations are more than mere artistic expressions; they are enveloped in what she terms an "individual protest." Through her art, she externalizes her concerns about contemporary issues and experiences that have profoundly impacted her life. This fusion of art and personal narrative makes the representation of the human figure central in her work, serving as the pivotal element that structures a chapter of a story or a moment, capturing feelings, sensations, and stances in the face of conflict or circumstance.

    As an emerging empirical artist, Andrea Nossa is driven by a desire to showcase her work both nationally and internationally. Her journey into art, which began in childhood, has evolved into an alternative and autonomous exploration, marking her as an artist with a unique voice and perspective.