Carlos Avila


Works by Carlos Avila

  • Yuremi Solorio and Carlos Ávila, a dynamic artistic duo and spouses since 2003, are currently exploring the realm of abstract painting. This phase of their artistic journey is characterized by the embrace of abstract themes for the immense freedom and creative latitude it provides. This approach allows them to convey their ideas vividly, while simultaneously offering observers the space to generate their own interpretations and universes.

    In their current work, Solorio and Ávila are experimenting with conveying sensations through primary and secondary colors, letting the colors themselves narrate their stories. Their creative process involves extensive conceptualization and sketching before painting. They aim to achieve simplicity in their artworks, yet beneath this apparent simplicity lie deep, multifaceted themes waiting to be discovered. The result is visually striking and compelling canvases that invite viewers to uncover new concepts and relationships with each viewing.

    Their diverse educational and professional backgrounds significantly influence their artistic perspectives. Yuremi holds a degree in Marketing, while Carlos is a Civil Engineer and Administrator with a Master’s in Construction Project Administration. Together, they have pursued various interests, including bonsai, music, landscaping, dog training, kinesiotherapy, architecture, and decoration. This eclectic mix of disciplines enables them to view a subject from multiple perspectives and viewpoints, forming the foundation for their unique compositions.