Daniel Vargas


Works by Daniel Vargas

  • Daniel Vargas, a native of Peru, is an artist of significant academic and self-taught expertise. His education is a tapestry of focused artistic studies and residencies, starting with "Simulacro y auto representación en la plástica peruana" led by curator Juan Peralta in 2014 at the cultural center UNMSM, and an artistic residency titled "El deseo del Otro" in Rocha, Uruguay, in 2013. Vargas deepened his understanding of art history at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru in 2013 and earned his bachelor's degree in fine arts from the Universidad Mayor de San Marcos in 2007.

    He has honed his skills in human anatomy drawing at ENBA and the autonomous School of Fine Arts of Peru in 2005, further broadening his expertise with studies in art drawing in 2003, techniques of education through art at Universidad Ricardo Palma in 2004, interior design at Instituto Matrix in 2003, and graphic design at ENBA in 1996. He also studied drawing and painting at the Lima Art Museum from 1998 to 1999 and began his journey at the “Macedonio de la Torre” School of Fine Arts in Trujillo in 1995.

    Daniel Vargas has a rich history of collective exhibitions, spanning multiple venues and countries. His work has been showcased in prominent art spaces such as the Art New Gallery in Barcelona with "VENTANAS DEL ALMA" in 2015, the Centro Cultural Juan Parra del Riego in Barranco with "ART FEST" in 2015, and in "NOCHE DE ARTE – 2014", among others. His pieces have also been featured in numerous exhibitions throughout Peru, including the University of Huánuco, the Museum of Contemporary Art of Lagos in Chile, and the Museo de arte de Santiago de Cuba in Cuba.

    His solo exhibitions reflect a deep exploration of the human condition, with "ENTRE REFLEJOS Y DISTORSIONES" at Bruno Gallery in Miraflores in 2012 and "RE-TRATOS CAPITALES" at the Cultural Center of the Superior School of Fine Arts of Peru in 2011. Vargas's urban art was also highlighted at the UNMSM's Faculty of Art and Humanities in 2008.

    Vargas's artistry has earned him finalist positions in prestigious competitions, including the National Art Salon of San Marcos in 2014 and the Metropolitan Contest for Young Creators by the Municipality of Lima in 2010. His work "Arte Urbano" at the Faculty of Art and Humanities, UNMSM campus, was a testament to his engagement with the urban landscape.

    His publications in the field are noteworthy, with features in the ARQ architecture and design magazine in 2013 and the international art magazine Artmotiv in 2013. His visions of Lima were published in "Lima visiones desde el dibujo" in 2010, and his exploration of form in "Línea y cuerpo" in 2010.

    Daniel Vargas's artworks are part of various collections both nationally and internationally, with significant placements in the Museum of Contemporary Art of Santiago de Cuba and in Manchester city, marking his impact on the global art scene.