Keoma Vargas


Works by Keoma Vargas

  • Keoma Vargas, a dedicated and passionate artist from Santiago, Chile, is renowned for his evocative portraits that embody the modern sensibilities of technique and expression. His works are contemporary vignettes, capturing transient images where the soul's absent gaze and markedly enlarged eyes are not just a stylistic choice but a reflection of passion.

    Vargas's art orbits the emotive and poetic dimensions of the human face, with each piece serving as a conduit to the multifaceted expressions of art. His belief that sensitivity to natural beauty is a "golden key that opens the temple of beauty" is vividly portrayed through his innovative use of analytical construction and chromatic exploration. In his recent productions, Vargas ventures into a visual and compositional domain, allowing the narrative to step back and the pictorial elements to take center stage.

    Accolades and recognitions that highlight his journey include:
    An Artistic Education degree from the Carlos Baca Flor National School of Fine Arts in Arequipa, awarded in 2014.
    Diplomas of Honor for his participation in collective art events, notably the Frida Kahlo exhibition in Toluca, Mexico in 2011, and the international Picasso event in Malaga, Spain in the same year.
    Recognition from the Mayor of Arequipa, Alfredo Zegarra, in 2012 as a distinguished plastic artist.
    A third-place award in drawing from the Alhambra Palace – Society of Fine Arts in Santiago, Chile.

    Vargas's artistic exhibitions are a testament to his creativity and commitment to the arts:
    Solo exhibitions at Hacienda Santa Martina and the Recoleta Cultural Corporation in Santiago, Chile in 2013.
    Collective exhibitions spanning various locations from Cajamarca, Peru, to international showcases like "Mexicana del mundo" honoring Frida Kahlo in Toluca, Mexico, and "Picasso 2011" in Malaga, Spain.
    Numerous displays of his paintings, including the cultural house of La Paz, Bolivia, and the Gallery Ex estar in Lima, Peru, as well as other significant venues in Chile.

    Keoma Vargas continues to share his vision and artistry, leaving a profound impression on both public and private collections, and enriching the cultural tapestry of the art world with each of his creations.