Celia Castelan


  • Celia Castelán, born with Huastecan heritage on a sunny Saturday morning on April 5, 1975, in Veracruz, hails from a family rich in social activists and artists. For her, painting is not just an artistic endeavor but a medium to express her dreamlike vision of the world and a remedy for despondency, anger, and frustration. It represents a path to happiness and harmony, an expression of the "magical self," and a gateway to a sea of infinite possibilities.

    Learning the craft initially from her grandfather, Celia continued her artistic development under the tutelage of the late painter Luis Castillo Rechy at Patio Muñoz. Between 1996 and 2007, she honed her skills in textile painting techniques with graphic designer Daphne Adriana Suazo Ramírez, culminating in the creation of Tuna Creaciones, a project featuring original hand-painted clothing from Veracruz showcased in France in 2007.

    A founding member of the graphic workshop led by Maestro José Bazán, Celia has also collaborated as a guest artist on the TRIBUNO Monumental Mural by Maestro Teodoro Cano. She is the creator of the Camisetas Ciela clothing line, integrating graphic art into fashion. Her achievements include being selected for the first National Bodypainting Meeting, general coordinator of the Tilingo Lingo Art Fair, and recognition as a distinguished woman in the arts by the Government of Veracruz in March 2017.

    Selected for the Florence Biennale in October 2019 at the Fortezza da Basso, Celia is also the creator of the Cielita Linda art and design brand, offering utilitarian art objects. Since 2010, she has presented her pictorial work in various individual and collective exhibitions, continuing to share her unique artistic vision and contribution to the cultural landscape.

Featured Works by Celia Castelan