Gustavo Perez


  • Gustavo Perez is a self-taught painter whose skills have been honed through academic training in the vanguard of Cuban painting. He has studied under masters such as Ernesto García Peña, Héctor Pérez González, and Roberto Hernández Cruz, some of whom are esteemed professors at the prestigious San Alejandro School of Art in Havana, Cuba. Today, Gustavo operates as an independent creator.

    Solo Exhibitions:
    1999: Galería Cervando Cabrera – Painting
    2000: Galería Amelia Peláez – Landscape Painting Exhibition
    2005: Galería Casa de la Cerámica Parque Lenin – Painting and Drawing
    2007: Galería Museo Ferrocarril 10 de Octubre – Painting
    2009: USA Gallería Graham Hastings, Nebraska – Painting
    2010: Calle 8 Viernes Culturales Miami, Florida – Painting

    Private collectors from Spain, Italy, France, and the United States have acquired his works.

Featured Works by Gustavo Perez