Irasema Hernandez


  • Irasema Hernández Izaguirre, hailing from Martínez de la Torre, Veracruz, is a self-taught visual artist whose innate talent for drawing and painting was evident from an early age. Her artistic journey has been a natural evolution from figurative representation to abstract art.

    With numerous solo and group exhibitions to her name, one of Irasema's most rewarding experiences was representing Mexico at the VIII International Festival for the Day of the Dead in Paris, where she received special acclaim for her exceptional work. Another highlight includes an exhibition at the Mexican Cultural Seminar, which featured her pieces in prestigious venues such as the Senate of the Republic, the Mexican-Israeli Cultural Institute, the Academy of San Carlos, and the José Luis Cuevas Museum.

    Irasema's recent showcases include exhibits in Oaxaca City, San Diego, Pomona, and the “Artists to the Cube” collective in the Historic Center of Mexico City in 2014. Her works were also displayed at the Institute of Culture in February 2015 and at Galería Yuri López in May 2015. Her Atelier's Metro Pino Suarez 2015 collection has garnered attention, and she currently exhibits her work permanently at her Gallery Studio and Workshop in Manuel M. Ponce 332, col. Guadalupe Inn, Mexico City.

    Irasema shares, “I am both concerned and occupied with the light a canvas can offer, as there is always more than just a blank canvas. To me, light is not just an element; it is the protagonist itself. It is the source of inspiration, joy, or nostalgia. The more I observe, the more my emotions respond. I know that through trials and triumphs, I will continue learning, and most importantly, I am assured that it has not been in vain.”

    Her work is an embodiment of an artist who enjoys constant reinvention, seeking innovative ways that enrich visual interpretations. Her art is a testament to an exceptional artistic process, demonstrating prowess in material management. Layers of paint and varied textures reveal her strength, passion, and commitment to her identity, offering the viewer a potent visual experience.

    Irasema's creations are now integral to various esteemed national and international private collections, solidifying her presence in the art world.

Featured Works by Irasema Hernandez