Jesus Sai


  • Jesus Sai, hailing from Acayucan, Veracruz, is a young and passionate artist specializing in drawing and realistic painting. Despite his youth, Sai has already made a notable impact in the art world through his participation in various contests and exhibitions.

    One of his significant contributions includes working on murals for the Central American and Caribbean Games at the Olympic Villages. Sai has also collaborated with the actress Ana de la Reguera's association, contributing both in exhibitions and residencies through VeracruzAna A.C.

    Sai is known for his versatility and willingness to experiment with different techniques. He does not confine himself to traditional methods, often using a variety of tools such as ballpoint pens, oil paints, charcoal, and even soluble coffee in his artwork. This flexibility in his approach allows him to explore and express his artistic vision uniquely and innovatively.

Featured Works by Jesus Sai