Maria Dolores Torre


  • Maria Dolores Torre, a celebrated artist from Mexico City, is renowned for her distinctive figurative style, incorporating geometric figures, strokes, and candles in her artwork. She skillfully utilizes techniques like oil, acrylic, and encaustic on canvas or wood.

    A self-taught artist, Maria Dolores has also enriched her skills by attending workshops with prominent artists such as Nunik Sauret, Demetrio Llorden, Eduardo Cohen, Geor-grane González, Isaac Stavans, Juan Carlos Bermúdez, Mercedes Arellano, and Margarita Enriquez.

    Her artistic career is marked by numerous solo and group exhibitions. Her solo exhibitions have graced galleries like Galería Libertad in Querétaro, Casa de la Cultura Reyes Heroles in Coyoacán, Galería del Reloj, Casa Prado Gallery, the Spanish Casino, and Galería Miguel Hidalgo, among others.

    In addition, she has been a part of collective exhibitions in prestigious venues such as Museo del Carmen, Museo de la Acuarela, Bienal de Puebla, New York Art Project in San Miguel de Allende, Galería México Pinta, and Museo Siqueiros, to name a few.

    Maria Dolores Torre's work has made a significant impact in the art world, recognized for her unique style and her ability to seamlessly blend figurative and geometric elements in her creations.

Featured Works by Maria Dolores Torre