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Monica Lowenberg

2015 - Mixed Media

140x170 cm

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  • Monica Lowenberg

    Mónica Löwenberg, born in Mexico City in 1965, is a distinguished self-taught artist whose work has been exhibited in cultural spaces, galleries, universities, and museums across Europe, the United States, and Mexico. Her pieces are also part of private collections internationally.

    In 2012, Mónica was honored with the "Jaime Morales Guillen" award in Culture and Art in Morelos, Mexico, marking her 30th anniversary as a professional artist. Some of her most notable solo exhibitions include:

    "Una Mirada, Dos Visiones" at the Pedro Gerson Gallery (2013).
    "Arte con el Alma" in Puebla, Mexico (2012).
    "Día Internacional de la Mujer" in Cuautla, Morelos, Mexico (2011).
    A permanent exhibition titled "Revelación" in Tampico, Tamaulipas, Mexico, and a traveling exhibition "Arte con el Alma" in Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico (2010).
    "Arte con el Alma" in Morelos, Mexico (2009).
    These are just a few examples of the many solo exhibitions that have defined her artistic career.

    Mónica Löwenberg's work is characterized by a unique style and her ability to convey emotions through her art. She has gained both national and international recognition for her talents. In her paintings, color plays a central role, showcasing a vibrant and explosive chromatic range with a preference for primary colors. Her work features well-defined, luminous, sinuous, and expansive forms that intertwine and flow into each other, often culminating in human figures.