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Victor Varela

2015 - Acrylic on Canvas

150x121 cm

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  • Victor Varela

    Víctor Varela, a prominent figure in Cuban theater during the 1980s, was born in Havana, Cuba. He studied painting at the San Alejandro Academy and theater at the National School of Theatre. In 1985, Varela founded the Teatro Obstáculo group, driven by the powerful idea of 'painting in time,' and quickly gained international acclaim for his innovative theatrical works.

    Now residing and working in New York, Varela dedicates his talents to both two-dimensional painting and theater, continually exploring the intersection of these artistic realms.

    Víctor Varela's notable works and exhibitions include:

    "Fragmento 1" at Art Basel Miami, FL in 2004, a performance and group exhibition.
    "Fragmento 2" and "Fragmento 3" at Art Basel Miami, FL in 2005, both performances in group exhibitions.
    "Naturaleza abusara y hombre sin centro" in 2006 at the Coral Gables Studio, a group exhibition.
    "Simbiosis/simbiosis" in 2007 at Galería Edge Zones, Miami, FL, and "Naturaleza y Música" at Contemporánea Fine Art, a solo exhibition.
    "Motivo y Repesentacion" at FIU in Art Basel, and "Sin Inocencia" at Pequeño Formato, Boheme Gallery in 2008, both group exhibitions.
    "The Squares" in 2011 at the West side Gallery in Chelsea, New York City, a shared exhibition.
    In 2014, a shared exhibition at Catalyst Gallery.
    Upcoming project "El Abismo de los pájaros," a fusion of painting exhibition and performance.
    Víctor Varela's artistic journey is a testament to his diverse talents and his ability to seamlessly blend the worlds of painting and theater.