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Hernando Carrizosa

2017 - Acrylic on Canvas

100x120 cm

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  • Hernando Carrizosa

    Hernando Carrizosa, from Ambalema, Tolima, Colombia, is a distinguished Master in Fine Arts from the National University of Colombia. His career as an educator has seen him imparting knowledge in arts at the National and Pedagogic Universities, the School of Artistic Pedagogy at Colcultura, and the School of Arts in the special district of Santafe de Bogota.

    A founding member of the National Corporation of Plastic Arts, the Zona Torrida Printing Workshop, and the Contramuros Art Foundation, Carrizosa has significantly contributed to the artistic community.

    His artwork has been showcased in various prestigious cities, including Bogota, Caracas, New York, Barcelona, and Berlin, both individually and collectively. His recent works include the series "Crucifictions," consisting of seven exhibitions on everyday gestures, and "Viva la Vida Viva," comprising five exhibitions or chants about the elements: Earth, Air, Water, Fire, and Ether.

    Hernando Carrizosa currently hosts a permanent exhibition in Bogota at the Thlon studio-room, a space dedicated to imagination, where his unique artistic vision continues to inspire and captivate audiences.