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Coqle Aragrev

2015 - Acrylic on Canvas

122x122 cm

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  • Coqle Aragrev

    Coqle Aragrev, a prodigious self-taught artist from Lima, Peru, embarked on her artistic odyssey at just four years old. Immersed in the rich tapestry of iconography and pre-Columbian art, she refined her talents across Peru and Bolivia. Her pursuit of artistic excellence propelled her to the United States, culminating in a Visual Communication degree with a focus on art.

    Coqle's artwork is a symphony of mathematical elegance and aesthetic precision. She masterfully integrates the Fibonacci sequence and Golden Spirals, adhering to the rule of thirds to create visual harmony. Through the meticulous Color Wash technique, she layers oil and acrylic paints, sometimes over sixty layers, to craft the perfect chromatic depth for each piece.

    Venturing beyond the canvas, Coqle delves into photography, her secondary medium for artistic exploration. Her distinctive talent has been internationally acclaimed, leading to her inclusion in the esteemed "Exposure" exhibition at the Louvre Museum in Paris, and a prominent display on the colossal screens of Times Square in Manhattan during the SeeMe Takeover event.

    Coqle's illustrious exhibition history spans the globe, from the Florence Biennale in Italy to the Angel Orensanz Foundation for Contemporary Art in Chelsea, New York. Her relentless pursuit of new artistic horizons is evident as she bravely navigates novel modes of expression.

    At Latin American Art Gallery, you're invited to experience the mesmerizing art of Coqle Aragrev, where ancient motifs are seamlessly woven into contemporary innovation, beckoning viewers into a world where history and modernity converge.