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Hector Urdaneta

2015 - Acrylic on Canvas

60x170 cm

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  • Hector Urdaneta

    Hector Urdaneta, a Venezuelan artist, is a distinguished graduate of the “Martin Tovar Y Tovar” School of Fine Arts in Barquisimeto, Venezuela. He has systematically developed his skills across various disciplines of visual arts, completing multiple levels in drawing, painting, graphic arts, and figure drawing between 2008 and 2009.

    Urdaneta has showcased his artistic vision through two notable solo exhibitions titled "Monde Parallèle." The first was unveiled at the Flor de Venezuela in Barquisimeto, Lara State, in 2012, followed by a showing at the Permanent Art Salon of the General Comptroller's Office in Caracas in 2013.

    His works have been acquired for prestigious collections, including the General Comptroller's collection in Caracas in 2013 and the Barquisimeto Museum's collection in Lara State in 2008. Urdaneta's contributions to charitable causes are evident in his participation in auctions, such as the third auction for the Friends of the Hospital San Juan de Dios Foundation in 2014 and the ninth FUNDANA auction at Ciudad Banesco in 2013.

    Internationally, Urdaneta represented Venezuelan artistry at the group exhibition "Venezuelan Artists in New York" at Jadite Gallery, Manhattan, in 2013, showcasing the vibrant culture and talent of his homeland.

    Nationally, his collaborative works have been featured extensively in collective exhibitions. These include the 25th and 24th Expository Shows of the Government Palace in Lara State in 2015, "Tendencias Contemporáneas" at José Requena Gallery in Iribarren, and the "Peregrina de Creadores" at Juan Carmona Hall, El Impulso newspaper, Lara State in 2014. His pieces have also been included in travelling exhibitions, such as "Los 24 de Lara," which has been displayed across multiple galleries in Venezuela.

    In 2012, Urdaneta was part of the National Day of the Plastic Artist collective at Ateneo de Guácara, Carabobo State, and in 2011, he participated in the VI World Festival of Body Art in Caracas, as well as the first Urban Art Festival in Chacao, Caracas.

    Hector Urdaneta's artistic journey is marked by a commitment to cultural representation and a passion for exploring the human and urban landscape through his art.